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Welcome to Walton Academic Consulting & Tuition

I offer private academic consulting and tuition services for GCSE and A Level

students across Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Surrey in the UK, as well as internationally.

I have tutored students from the following schools: Charterhouse, Eton, Harrow,

Marlborough College, Royal Grammar School Guildford, Tonbridge, Wellington College, Guildford High School, Headington School, St Helen & St Katherines, Leighton Park School, Shiplake College, Pangbourne College, St. Joseph's College, The Henley College, Kendrick School, Reading School, Piggott School, Maiden Erleigh, The Holt, Highdown School, Gillotts' and Waingels' College,


At Walton Academic Consulting & Tuition, your child and their academic success is everything, 

This is why I have a strict limit of no more than 18 students each academic year
This means you can be sure that you be confident that you will receive an excellent service, all year round.

Professional academic consulting services are also offered for SMEs.

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Welcome to my site! To give you a better understanding of my background, please read on.


I have an MA (and BA) from the University of Cambridge (where I studied Medical Sciences at Gonville & Caius College) and a PGCE from the University of Reading (where I studied secondary education, specialising in Science and Mathematics teaching). I am now undertaking further university study in Mathematics and Economics at the London School of Economics.

Having started tutoring in 2006, and having been tutoring full-time since early 2015, I have accumulated extensive experience (over 4000 hours tuition) while helping many students achieve significantly across ability and age ranges. I also have personal understanding and experience in assisting students with a range of specific educational needs including but not limited to ASD, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia and dyscalculia as well as a range of mental health challenges.

In my free time I love to travel, spend time with family and my labrador Bramble (who sometimes comes with me to tutorials), spend too much money on gadgets, and follow NFL (American football).

Please explore the rest of my site - scroll a little further down to learn about academic consulting.


At Walton Academic Consulting & Tuition

you can be assured that your tutor will not only have exceptional subject knowlegde and understanding, but will also appreciate the large number of key factors that affect how students learn. 


Significant amounts of research has been done by psychologists and neurologists on how children and adolescents learn. Having reviewed key research, we have developed a holistic framework that enables our students to maximise their potential for learning. Success factors in this framework include, amongst others, establishing independent and sustainable routines, duration and frequency of the use of electronic devices, sleep, diet and extracurricular activities. By focussing on the complete needs of the student, we are able to positively affect the learning capabilities of each and every student - specifically improvement of concentration and short-term and long-term memory potentiation.

A strongly academic and holistic approach ensures the success of every student.

As a consequence all of our students succeed in a wide variety of academic qualifications. Former students continue their excellence into higher education, across, but not limited to, mathematical and scientific disciplines at universities including Durham University, Imperial College London and Oxford University.


You can count on Walton Academic Consulting & Tuition to support your child across STEM subjects at GCSE and A Level as well as help them to develop key skills for independent learning, revision, stress management, time management, and taking examinations.

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How can you ensure that you will succeed in an exam? Does your subject knowledge and understanding determine your success exclusively? In fact, there are many factors including sleep and nutrition.

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"I would highly recommend Alexander as a tutor for both Chemistry and Maths. He has been instrumental this year in assisting me to achieve my goal of getting into medical school [at Oxford University] by helping me to secure excellent grades in both subjects."

S. Pandit 
Walton ACT Student 2016/7

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